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Who are we?

TeammateMe is a global online platform revolutionizing the process of team building. Our platform makes it simple for users to create new teams, or to find other teams to join. Users can also search for talented contributors, and invite them to join their teams. TeammateMe makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with teammates, and also provides a way for users to build a reputation from their teammates’ reviews. With TeammateMe you can network, build experience, and complete a project, vision, or goal.

Why work in a team?

The right teammates can elevate projects to the next level of success. Use TeammateMe to define your team’s roles, delegate work to the teammates with the right skillset, and increase your team’s productivity.

Who are TeammateMe for?

Everyone! We directly support students, professors, gamers, professionals, groups and more. TeammateMe is a platform for anyone who wants to collaborate with others to reach goals and build reputation.

Is something not working?

Experiencing a bug on our platform? Please screenshot the issue or describe it the best you can and email us at [email protected]. We’ll be sure to solve your issue as soon as possible.